Jun 11, 2024 Consepe aproves suspension of the academic calendar. Click to read more.
May 29, 2024 Strike! UFPB joins the federal strike and stops undergrad activities, starting next monday (June 3, 2024). Click to read more.
Mar 26, 2024 I've finally taken the position today and am now associate professor!
Jan 22, 2024 I got an associate professor position at the Universidade Federal da Paraíba! I’m soon joining the Functional Analysis group of the Mathematics Department, couldn’t be more happy :smile: :smile: :smile:
Jun 27, 2023 My FNRS project was accepted! I’m soon gonna be joining the Mathematics Department of the Université de Mons, and for :sparkles: three freaking years!!! ✨ Excited to start working with Quentin Menet and Karl Grosse-Erdmann.